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    Thought I'd introduce myself here. I basically came over from RTB/RH. And don't worry, I won't start trouble. I'm too nice for that.


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    Re: new here

    Welcome to the fourm Bry.


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      Re: new here

      b25.gif Hey Bry im new here to and its good to see some people here that i know..
       Hi everyone im Barracuda_41 and this is a list of what i have..
       argentinexcolombian boa,
       Jungle carpets pythons,
       albino corn snake,
       ball pythons,
       hognose snake,
      a ornate plated lizard,
       horn frogs,
       alot of tarantulas,
       3 dogs, neo mastiff, boston terrier, english bulldog,
        Im into tattoos , guns , harleys, boats, and im just a
        plain outright crazy woman..  LOL!!  


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        Re: new here

        Hello barracuda, welcome to the forum. Your house sounds like most of ours around here, Plenty of babies to go around a very quickly fill the house!!!!! LOL!! Again welcome to the forum.


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          Re: new here

          hehe baracuda between me and my hubby we have 2 dogs 2 cats 2 horses 2 fourwheelers, 4 tattoos, 1 snake and when clay posts his new babies or any snake for sale we are getting another one we have a noahs arc going on 1 boy 1 girl in each pair except the cats both boys


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            Re: new here

            I have one corn snake
            I also have one rosy boa
            two redtail boas...
            one tatoo
            one cat
            one dog
            a bird and In the near future I will have a pair of crested geckos and a huricane snow corn snake....
            Have a good one....
            Eric aka...Red


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              Re: new here

              OK, just to join in on the show and tell....
              Between my fiancee and I, we have....
              5 cats
              2 rats
              4 boas
              1 ball pyton (my poor little who just can't get a break)
              1 tarantula
              6 tattoos, more on the way soon
              13 piercings
              b18.gif s27.gif b25.gif cwm1.gif s9.gif


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                Re: new here

                Oh ya two piercings...
                Eric aka...Red


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                  Re: new here

                  lol no piercing here except my ears


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                    Re: new here

                    s8.gif well i have a total of 11 tattoos, one is somewhere that i cant say, hehehe!! and more being done a full back tat and another on my thigh plus another one on the other side of my neck as i have a blackwidow on one side i think im gona have a scorpion done on the other side.. hope this pic comes out ok .. this was taken just after it was done , it looks alot better now that its been awhile.. I just love my spiders.. b26.gif
                    Crud pic dont look to good rrrrrrrrr..


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                      Re: new here

                      well i guess i'll let my info out, between me and my wife we have....
                      1 ball python
                      1 red tail boa
                      1 cat
                      2 dogs
                      1 rabbit
                      1 bird
                      4 horses
                      5 tattoos and not counting ears 2 peircings none of which are mine.


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                        Re: new here

                        oh by the way welcome bry and barracuda to the forum, hope you enjoy it as much as i have. ;D ;D


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                          Re: new here

                          Hey Bry,

                          Welcome! Lori said you were coming by...

                          Look forward to your input around here. Let me know if I can help out in any way...
                          To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

                          -Best Regards
                          -Clay English
                          Founder 1998-2013


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                            Re: new here

                            Hey Barracuda welcome to the forum! ;D

                            We also have a zoo going on over here, We have
                            2 lazy cats
                            1 beautiful boxer(Max)
                            2 cornsnakes
                            1 boa (Chloe)
                            oh and 1 tattoo and 4 piercings!

                            I'm currently trying to talk hubby into letting me have more snakes and another dog!!


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                              Re: new here


                              Before the move-
                              -Red Tegu
                              -Albino Corn
                              -Snow Corn
                              -Bearded dragon
                              -Dog(Toy Fox terrior)
                              -Love bird

                              After the Move-
                              -RTB ONLY!! :'( :'( :'( :'(