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Rabbit breeding for feeders to snakes

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  • Rabbit breeding for feeders to snakes

    Someone had asked me for information on breeding rabbits as prey for their snakes awhile back. Don't remember who it was though... Here's a page for that now....

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    Good reading

    Lori, you are just a wealth of knowledge!
    Great article but I would end up in the rabbit farm business if I tried to breed.... My wife would not be allow me to kill the rabbits to feed to the snakes

    How do you p/k the rabbits for feeding? Do you do the cervical dislocation or do you have a doom chamber setup?


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      Re: Rabbit breeding for feeders to snakes

      LOL StormyVA

      We have an understanding around here in regards to the rabbits.. The adults we have are "pets/non-food items/breeders" and the offspring are food/prey items ;D That's how I am getting around that with all the wabbit lovers around here lol. I got yelled at by my 7 year old the other week cuz there were less babies in one of the cages than the last time she had checked on them earlier in the same day. Just remineded her of the "agreement" that we all have and she said.."OH OK" . Of course that was after I offered to "nab" a HUGE adult one instead next time hehe
      We also have some that are adults that are not in the breeding group and are destined as prey items too. They were offspring though none the less, so they fall in the "prey" category hehe