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best ISP I ve used to date

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  • best ISP I ve used to date

    HI Forum,
     I am so pleased with this isp service I thought I would give it  aplug it averages between 50-60 baud rate downloads it seems to double time the modem not sure how it worls but it
    smokes my 56 v92 modem.
    they have a 15 day free trial and they set up your dial up and your e-mail almost autmatically when you start.
    [ftp] [/ftp]
      thanks in adavnce if you join from that link they give me a months free service.   hehe

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    My favorite!

    Doug.... I have been using the Cox Internet for about two years now and I LOVE IT! I couldn't go back to dial up now. I highly recommend it for anyone that likes to surf the net.
    I average 1.5mbps even at peak times.
    Here are screen shots for proof These were taken while running a couple of those evil peer to peer programs and being connected to my home computer from a "remote location" (Gotta love Windows XP)

    In case you cant read the speed test result......