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My snake wish list

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  • My snake wish list

    XMAS list....

    Emerald Tree Boa

    Albino Boa

    Ball Python

    Burmeise Python

    California King

    I wanted a reticulated but Im no wear near ready to handle one of them beasts.

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    Re: My snake wish list

    Hmm, hard one here.

    Okay, here goes my best shot @ my most-wanted:

    1) thin-saddled Albino RTB
    2) Green Mamba
    3) Madagascar Tree Boa
    4) Tangerine Honduran Milksnake
    5) thin-saddled Hogg Island Boa
    6) Emerald Tree Python

    and not a snake, but could be put in between 2 & 3: a Gila Monster.


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      Re: My snake wish list

      Gila Monster.
      Sounds good to me also hehe. I actually have been contemplating such even : I gave up on the thought of a Black Mamba though awhile back here hehe. I prefer their look over the greens.

      Wishlist though would be ..hmmm..
      1] Madagascan Tree Boa
      2] Spotted Turtle
      3] Albino Boa
      4] Albino Florida Pine
      5] Star Tortoise
      6] GTP

      In pairs of course ;D


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        Re: My snake wish list

        Lori, Your last line is CLASSIC!!!!

        Always pairs!!!

        My wish list is

        Albino boas (from my hets)
        Hypo boas (from my hypo breeding)
        Pastel boas (from my pastel breedings)
        Fine Line boa (from my fine lines)

        Hey! Isn't that what pairs are for ? ? ? ?
        To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

        -Best Regards
        -Clay English
        Founder 1998-2013


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          Re: My snake wish list

          Okay This is what I would like for next Xmas 2003

          BRB pair
          arizona milk

          a little list but I am a newbie....Forever!

          Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!!