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Funny things snakes do

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  • Funny things snakes do

    I would have to say the funniest thing either of my snakes have done is when my ball python goes to the "bath room" in one area in the tank she will immidiately after wards go to the other side of the enclosure and stare at me waiting for me to clean it.

    As for my boa, my boa always manages to finish shedding or defecate on a night before feeding day.

    Anyone have any storyies they would like to Share?

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    Re: Funny things snakes do

    My corn snake does lap's on the lip inside the top of the cage... I think that is perty funny..
    Also my rosy boa try's to kill my thum ever time I take him out.. coil's around it and squizzes as hard as he can.. which is not very hard, and he also tells you he is hungry by biteing you... not hard or agressive but just a lil' feed me nip..
    Well that is about it..
    Have a good one
    Eric aka...Red


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      Re: Funny things snakes do

      I have a pair of Guyana's in a 6/2 cage and they always go to the far right back corner of the cage to Pee/poo,, I always put extra paper on that side of the cage, so I can roll it up wipe it down, and replace the paper, they always are on left side of the cage after the bathroom exercise. The look at me like they want out of that cage now until I clean it. .. Hehehe
        Whats wierd is they always go together the same day,
       I usally feed them on the same day.they proably are stimulated by the bathroom smells and such?? ?????I wonder if a litter box would work...


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        Re: Funny things snakes do

        I thinking the same thing! my baby boy poops in the same corner of his water dish every time. he likes to wait until a couple of hours after i clean his water dish and fill it with fresh water. But he wont pee in there. he burys his tail in the wood chips and pees . it's a pain! But you can tell where he's gone by looking for holes!