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  • Hi the New Guy

    Hi my name is Aron Grumbles I own and operate a educational program geared at educating both adults and children about reptiles and other exotics. I am a Certified Animal Care Specialist in the State of CA. I also run a completely non- profit rescue and adoption program through my company. I am willing to take most large snakes and some of the more
    medium and smaller sized ones. I am willing to take just about anything from frogs to turltes pretty much everything except for green iguanas.(due to the large numbers in which i receave them) Please contact My website if you want any more info or to just share information and talk.
    I help organizations serve youth leaders through online, 1:1 educational therapy sessions. I help nonprofits shift toward youth leadership development.

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    Re: Hi the New Guy

    Hey Aron... On your post you list that you take in Iguanas in rescue, but on your site it states...

    Q. Where do you get all your animals?

    A. Most of my animals are donated. Safari Exotics runs a rescue program and takes in all stray exotic animals. (with the exception of green iguana)
    So Do you or don't you take in the Igs at all in rescue ?

    Also you stated ...

    I also run a completely non- profit rescue and adoption program through my company.
    I was checking out your site and didn't note any notation of the non-profit status at all on there. What level do you have of such atm ? If it is NOT an actual 501c3 , then you really need to change what it is you are saying in regards to non-profit staus holdings. It is actually illegal offense to state that you have a non-profit when you do not have the proper documentation of such from the gov't btw What is you ID # for np just to clarify things here please ? BTW.. It is a matter of PR that is verifiable if you do have it, so not a problem to post it ol at all either. ;D


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      Re: Hi the New Guy

      Hi maybe i should have clarified a few things when i posted. I am willing to take anything in but not "Green Iguanas" due to the large numbers in which i receave them. I am not equiped to house Iguanas in the numbers they are dropped off. People buy them and dont expect them to grow as large as they due and well they come to us pretty much all the time so I always refer to groups or orginizations that are better equiped to deal with them.I dont ever send anyone to the local animal shelter(s) due to the fact they are ether unequipped or unskilled in dealing with reptiles of any type. I also should have clarified that i do not sell any of my animals. My adoption and rescue program is completely free. Hence non- profit.(should have stated "not for profit&quot My grammatical error. I am in the process of getting non- profit status for this part of my operation but have hit a few road blocks in the process. Safari Exotics also does alot of shows for the Boys and Girls Club, YMCA after school groups and Recreation centers for free. My website is still being worked on and is being updated and change constintly, any suggestions are more then welcomed.