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    I just wanted to show you guys my new piece of work, it means rooster, for the year I was born 1981, its a chinese astronomical symbol. I had it put on like it was painted thats why it looks a little messy. I have another one on my arm but my arm is too big to fit int he picture J/K

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    Re: new artwork

    WHAT? No boa tatoo? ? ?

    Aw Man, that one is pretty cool but it looks like chinese to me! b29.gif b30.gif b29.gif b30.gif
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      Re: new artwork

      Where did you get that one done..?? Anybody famous do that one or just another tatooer...?? I am look'in forward to the first tat I am to get in about 3 months.. It will be a lil' child fairy with fire wing's and fire hair... (I am a fire sign this child will represent me) I also want to in the future represent the five elements in this tat.. I will have fire, and sperit represented with the fairy. I still have to figure out what will be done with earth, water, and wind. It will be done in the most painful place too.. the top of my foot up on to my anckle... I figuer that it can't be as bad as a 6' ball python stricking and wrapping.. (I could be wrong though :-/ )
      I am going to get a hirro gliph of the year that I was born.. on the bottom of the same foot.. I also want to get a japanise cariture of opression on the bottom of my right foot so I can be stomping it down all day long... That is all I have planned for now..
      Eric aka...REd