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Holiday On-line Shopping Safety.

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  • Holiday On-line Shopping Safety.

    With the upcoming holiday shopping flurry, I wanted to remind you of the latest PayPal scams.

    Remember the ONLY Paypal website that is safe and secure is

    Notice the "s" in http, and also notice

    These should appear in EVERY Paypal page.

    Also remember PayPal will NEVER ask you to supply your User name and Password for some record validation. This ploy is ALWAYS a scam.

    If you are logging in, look for the

    If you do not see this, then RUN!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember safe shopping is smart shopping.

    Avoid any pages that start with a paypal lookalike name such as these examples.

    Any such names should be immediately reported to the real paypal site, and they will be shut down immediately.
    To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

    -Best Regards
    -Clay English
    Founder 1998-2013