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Starting to think one of my kids is strange here..

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  • Starting to think one of my kids is strange here..

    My soon to be 11 year old son, Andrew, is usually quite adept at helping out with our snakes/herps we keep all the time. Tonite we were doing feeds on the baby snakes [ rtb, balls, ,milks ] we still have and also a hognose snake as well. The snakes had all finished their feed, cept the now fussy hognose..UGH, and we were placing them all back into their enclosures from their feeding totes. My son's job tonite in all of this was to remove each snake from it's feeding tote and then place it back into it's "home" place.. shoebox tote/cage etc. The second snake [rtb] he went to pick up out of feeding tote actually went and struck up a poise at him and hissed at him and then struck [ I of course lmao, ya just had to see my son's face , he wasn't expecting this at all lol]. Of course he then grabbed the leather gloves and proceeded to go about getting the rtb's back into their shoeboxes. But after the second one did the same thing to him, he refused to handle the baby rtb's at all. ???
    Next he went for the hognose snake....all rattling up, hissing, striking lil bugger lol. Umm but without gloves or a second thought of getting bit by this snake at all. My son knows the snake is a rear fanged and usually won't touch it when it does this display at all.
    Strange thing is I would think that with what my son knows he would have not bothered with gloves for the rtbs but would have for the hognose snake... : LOL