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Herping community member's son injured in accident

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  • Herping community member's son injured in accident

    During the past week a member of the reptile keeping community received one of those phone calls that would crush any parent. His 12 year old son , Sean, was involved in a serious accident where he was hit by a Seadoo. The Seadoo that hit him was being driven alone by a 15 year old child
    [ illegal in the state of Florida btw]. Upon impact the Seadoo was traveling at 60 mph. Injuries sustained were to the kidney, liver, fractured scapula, fractured ribs, broken hand and his right side of his body was almost completely crushed by the impact. He was also placed on a ventilator. Sean was placed into ICU at the Wolfsons Childrens Hosptial in Jacksonville Florida on Beach Blvd.
    Sean's father Frank lives in California. As a result of the caring and generosity of forum members of Bob Clark's site airline passage was provided for Frank to be at his son's side in Florida. Yet another example of how members of the herping world come together for others when tragedy strikes one of it's own.

    One of the moderators of Bob Clark's forums, "Dr. Owens', Jay, has taken up over seeing the efforts to help Frank out while he is tending to his son. Efforts are being made to promote an auction to help raise funds in this time of crisis for this family as well.
    I spoke with Frank on the phone Wednesday evening. He says that his son has now been taken off the ventilator and they are planning to move him out of the ICU on Thursday possibly. Surgery has been avoided as the kidney and liver seem to be responding without such intervention also at this time. He seems to be holding up well considering what he is going through atm in regards to his son. He did say that he is still trying to get used to the time variance from California to Florida though.

    I have linked in with Dr. Owens, Jay , of Bob Clark's site to see what exactly our members could do to help out as well also. I'll post any information that is found out on RTB as well that I receive from Jay. I do know from talking with Frank that insurance will most likely not be covering fully the cost associated with Sean's injuries. Donations to help out are already being accepted ..

    Paypal : [email protected] [ Please also send me an e-mail telling me that you've done this and the amount sent.)
    Snail mail : Dr Jay Owens
    P.O. Box 13352
    Shawnee Mission, KS 66282-3352
    Please include your name, your forum name, your e-mail address, and a phone number so that I know exactly who the money is from and how to reach you if you win the raffle (the winners will be posted on the forum as well).
    There is a raffle that has been tied into the donations as well from what I understand [ When I get more info on this I'll let you know.]. Please note that you are an RTB'er so that he doesn't go out of his mind trying to figure out who the screen name is if your not on Bob Clark's forum at all.
    The addy for the whole thread on Bob Clark's forum in relation to this can be found at;TOPIC_ID=6420

    Frank has asked that everyone keep his son, Sean Micheal Cox, in their thoughts and prayers...