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This just makes me SICK

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  • This just makes me SICK

    At the moment, I absolutely despise our neighbors. cwm23.gif cwm23.gif cwm23.gif cwm23.gif cwm23.gif s5.gif s5.gif Two little girls who were visiting their grandma and grandpa (the elderly couple next door) ran over to ask us for help. Apparently, something was wrong with their parakeet. I went over out of curiousity and was disgusted with what I found. This poor bird's right foot was covered in blood. The right leg was swollen to about FIVE TIMES normal size, and at the bottom of this thing was a septic looking black area that looked pretty serious. The parakeet was trying to stay on his good leg, and tuck the bad leg up, but it was so huge he couldn't even manage that. He had nothing but chaff in his food dish and very little water that was full of seed hulls and poop. To add insult to injury, this used to be MY BIRD. When my sister started having asthma attacks, my parents made me give him away to the neighbors who said they wanted a bird to keep them company. I cleaned out the water dish, gave him food, and am trying to reach the bird & exotics hospital to see what I can do. The grandfather refuses to take the bird anywhere for treatment (if possible) or pay. The grandmother was cheerily oblivious and exclaimed that "we didn't even notice anything wrong!". With blood all over the cage and dripping from his foot, his leg as big as a dime, I'm seriously considering taking him back and keeping him in my room or something.  If any of you know anything about birds or what this might be, I would appreciate it no end.

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    Re: This just makes me SICK

    Sorry about the bird :'(

    I would definitly take the bird back. The only reason a bird could end up in that bad of a condition is by negelect, and poor husbandry. cwm23.gifI don't know how your neighbors could have been so stupid and careless. There is no excuse good enuff to allow an animal to get in that bad of a condition.

    Unfortunately a Medical visit is needed ASAP.

    Hope the bird recovers.


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      Re: This just makes me SICK

      Bird just like boas can go real fast.... I bet that bird was just trying to hold on to the side of the cage and hurt it's foot and in that I would guess small and dirty cage the birds foot can go dead in like two day's... The vet probley will take the foot off... But may be able to fix it... just depends on how bad it is... well all I can say is clean it off with some mild cleaner(salt water or somthing) and try to put some neo-sporen on it.. But above all get that thing to the vet...
      well good luck on this one
      Eric aka...Red
      P.s. One good thing is that when you save a bird they tend to get a real close bond with you like your there mother or somthing... I saved one once and it was my best bud for quit some time...
      pps. You should also keep it in a very warm spot like above 85 it will help it with healing... dark will also help with calming the bird down..(a towl over the cage will work for this)


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        Re: This just makes me SICK

        I own 4 parakeets (and a couple of cockatiels as well). Probably an infection brought on by unsanitary conditions >. I need to clean my cage weekly (with a real good cleraning every two weeks). If you care for the bird, take it back and get it to a vet :-[.

        Hope everything works out.

        Waynesboro, VA