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What a bad day

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  • What a bad day

    With having carpal tunnel release surgery two weeks ago, I've been unable to mow the lawn. We haven't had much rain, so it hasn't grown too much in that time. My wife is kind of strange and likes to mow the lawn. After I left for college yesterday, she decided to do such (against my protest before leaving). So, she called her folks over to watch the chil'n whilest she cut grass. Our ditchline is a severe incline, so even when she cuts the grass I've told her not to get the ditchline cuz I would. [She has loose ankle joints & they're very prone to giving out on inclines like that.] What did she do yesterday? -started out mowing the ditchline. Having a pair of sandals on she had poor traction, slipped, and her foot ended up underneath the mower.

    The blade cut her big toe on the left foot from the tip in toward the back of the foot. It chipped the bone & fractured it. She was rushed to the hospital as her father in law stopped by college to lmk. She ended up w/ 12 stitches after a minor surgery. The mutilated toe will probably never have a nail again. To top it off, I got home an hour before I should be getting up for work, so I had to miss today.

    Our piece-o-junk Compaq laptop's monitor went out, too. So we're without a comp at home now. >

    Anyhow, Suzy's doing alright. It hurts her, but not quite as much as she was afraid. Basically, I put all this on here so that any that would might say a prayer for her.

    -Thanks all!

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    Re: What a bad day

    Aww.. That truly SUX! Hope she feels better soon though I've had those days lately myself it seems. Gets better though....eventually..hang in there ;D


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      Re: What a bad day

      Thanks Lori.

      Suzy's already feeling a lot better. The bleeding is slowing down dramatically. They've got her on some good pain meds. The bad things is that the orthopedic surgeon has concerns over her bone becoming infected since the laceration went to the bone.