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BAck again ..I think..

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  • BAck again ..I think..

    I have not been around l;ately as I have had a TON going on around here.
    First I had received a call from "mom" saying that my "dad" was in the hospital. So of course I went running to help out where I could with that. Turned out my father had cancer and needed to be moved to a major city hospital for treatment and surgery. That's all been done now and my father is now back at home. he's undergoing some treatment still but they beleive that they got all of it in the surgery. time will tell though.

    Then my landlord, yeah I still rent UGH, installed a NEW no pets policy for his tenants. He got in trouble for some violations non relative to pets and took it out on tenants is all basically. So of course I was not about to give up my reptiles at all and now have my whole collection being housed elsewhere in a commercial location at that. We're also going to move into reptile supplies and sales as long as we had to do this too now. So I have been working on saetting that up also in the duration of everything else happening around here as well.
    Then when ya think everything in life has just settled in somewhat.. I got a phonecall.. or two..or whatever. Was getting quite a few of them in fact..UGH. I had lent out a male breeder to someone I used to think was a friend.. UGH..long story there. Anyways.. Turned out that they had clutching from females of their and YES there were babaies that my male sired as well. With the help of some friends... quite a few in fact. I now ahve enough evidence and also ]b]confession]/b] from the person who had borrowed my male that there were babies that were sired by my male in JUNE and also that she NEVER notified me of such and also went and sold them all without ever compensating me either. Talk about pi$$ed off ! The babies were also LIGHT CREAM colored and had striped tails to boot at that arghhh.
    There were 17 in the clutch and this person recently had another clutch but claims that this one is not from my male even.. hmmm.. She offered me 4 of the babies from this clutch for compensation for what she did on the June clutch in screwing me over the way she did. I don't think so ! these babies are norms basically and therefore worth much less than the ones from June even. Not to mention that 4 babies is not 50% of 17 to say the least even. Think I'll be taking her to court on this one now. Which of course was her suggestion if I didn't wish to let her get off with giving me 4 from the recent clutch she offered.
    I didn't think that honesty was that hard of a thing to be keeping to in life ?? I must be mistaken I guess....

    Here's a link to some of the ones that she sold out from under me btw...
    Just hit refresh if it doesn't show the first time. For some reason that's how I get in there.

    Here's an example of what my male produced with her female in the June clutch...

    Screwed or what!!?????

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    Re: BAck again ..I think..

    hmm....I think that if it was me, i'd try to nail her in court for everything i could get!I really hate people who do that sort of thing behind your back... cwm23.gif s5.gif s5.gif