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Maybe Clay won't get mad

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  • Maybe Clay won't get mad

    cwm4.gif cwm4.gif cwm4.gif

    Maybe he won't get mad if I give Jeff a free plug on here.

    If he does Sorry Clay!!! s3.gif cwm14.gif

    Jeff has his Albino's up for sell, and my wife just put me in the hole. b10.gif Its ok though I forgave her :.

    She went and bought a cage and a boa and spent a good chunk at Big Apple To.

    I can say this for her she has good taist cwm27.gif

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    Re: Maybe Clay won't get mad

    dang I wish my girlfriend wanted to spend my money on snakes/snake products. she wants to spend it on trips and other crap instead. she is a keeper goob s23.gif


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      Re: Maybe Clay won't get mad

      Your a lucky guy.My girlfriend would never go out and buy a boa or a cage.She would more likely sell my boa and my cage.She is terrified of snakes (for no apparent reason).


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        Re: Maybe Clay won't get mad

        Who me?  Mad?   s16.gif

        I talked to Jeff on the phone yesterday and he said a guy from my forum just bought one of his albinos..  As a matter of fact I know exactly which albino it is...  ;D  but I will keep that to myself.  

        I also now know your real name  ;D  but I will also keep that to myself, so don't worry Jon.

        I am suprised you did not purchase the paradox albino.  It would be interesting to see if that trait proves out.
        To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

        -Best Regards
        -Clay English
        Founder 1998-2013


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          Re: Maybe Clay won't get mad

          Hey now s26.gif

          I've actualy posted my full name and addy on here :P

          I would have bought the paradox but the wife told me I couldn't spend more than $2000 on any snake, but I had to buy her a new couch first. So there ya go, I went and got her a futon.

          If you can find my real name ya WIN!!!!
          No cheating NO calling Jeff ;D


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            Re: Maybe Clay won't get mad

            [move]I know Jon's real name. Na na na na boo boo!!![/move]