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HEY! Who's been getting my paychecks ??

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  • HEY! Who's been getting my paychecks ??

    I haven't been around much lately here. Dad's in the hospital and I am helping out with him and mom's stuff [ outta state even...arghh] AND also here's a copy/paste from one of the other sites I frequent on some BS that's been going on here atm too...

    :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  Seems I have one hell of a NOSY trouble making neighbor around here. [ We found out last nite who it is also btw   ] Apparently I run an illegal Pet Shop/Store out of my home here according to them. LMFAO I have ALL sorts of animals for sale and supplies too according to them AND not just reptiles even. . Must have been robbed recently as I can't seem to find all the stuff even that's for sale on a daily basis here either. [email protected]! And I forgot to pull an insurance policy on the stock too..arghh hahahaha :lol:  :lol:  :-?  :lol:  :lol: Hubby wants to know why exactly , IF I have supplies in stock that I am selling, I keep going out to reptile & pet stores to purchase stuff for the reptiles that I keep in my personal collection here if I could just use the items which i get at wholesale for our store and sell here even. Says it would make more sense and also save us some cash in the long run. I dunno.. maybe I just don't get it or have good business sense at all possibly.  :-?  Oh and YES of course this just so happens that this particular neighbor has a pure ignorant hatred of reptiles and also dogs too for that matter. They even went so far as to say that I have another neighbor breeding hamsters for me that I buy and sell through my store/shop here. OK.. I do have a neighbor who breeds hamsters for me...Which I pay them for and then use as feeders for my ball pythons that just won't eat mice or rats at all which I keep here in my collection I don't charge the ball pythons for their meals, so i don't think that can be termed as selling the hamsters at all though.  LOL
    Soo [i]Where's my paycheck and all the money I have been earning from this pet store/shop anyway ? Did the check[s] get mailed to anyone of you guysgals  by any chance at all by mistake ?  ROFLMFAO :P

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    Re: HEY! Who's been getting my paychecks ??

    oops too long have to post

    On another note : We know why this took place here also. My landlord recently has gotten into a TON of trouble with our local BOH and has taken such out on the tenants in the building here. he for one failed to correct some major violations in the building like not providing secure entry doors into the building [ One of many reasons I love having my dog , Sandra Dee, here. She's one heck of a watch / security dog among other things. Noone would attempt coming into our apartment with her around. Lots of people think that she is a pit bull even. We have papers saying otherwise and anyone with half a clue can tell the difference even. hehe ] The landlord also has been discovered to have "apparently" bribed a BOH inspector to sign off on citations saying that they have been repaired when indeed they have not. OOPS.. never leave a paper trail I guess :P
    The landlord failed to "vacate" a known drug [ heroin] dealer from the building also who was "conducting" business from their apartment in the building. A big NO-NO in this state.
    So of course he has decided to "lash out" at us other tenants [ Ya think he found out who gave the PD the info in relation to the drug dealing and the non-correction of violations in this building at all ? :roll: Not at all sorry about that one, BUT I draw the line when my kids have access to $175,000+ in street value of heroin located in a box in the hallway where I live. That's what the narcs said it was worth when I dropped it off to them [ found it in the hallway awhile back here]. That crap resides at the local PD's NARC unit now. Just so happens that the nosy neighbor is also a known drug user and us tenants in this building may have interfered and caused a "ripple" in his supply possibly. He's also friendly with the landlord it seems and another tenant in the building thinks that the landlord is a drug user as well as friendly with the nosy neighbor too. Neighbor made false complaints in reference to the other tenant also which were found to be null etc.
    GEESH !! What some people will do !
    Well gotta run.. need to drop off some papers shortly at the Mayor's office , find a sherriff to serve legal paers on the landlord & go by the court in relation to all the BS going on here atm. Life never seems to be exciting around here at all lately...LOL.

    NOTE : I had tried to place this post ol when the site was going down..arghh. We have since rented space to house my collection of reptiles and have been moving them all over there as of lately. MAy have to carry some supplies etc now though to help cover the cost the space is setting us all back now. I have made some contacts in relation to reptile stuff for possibly doing such at this point allready. If any of you know of suppliers that do wholesale and/or sell live stock wholesale even...please drop me a note [reptiles of course ] @
    [email protected]
    We wanted to get into sales and open a place for such, but not until we had things set elsewhere in our life, which would be a later date than now. So much for planning one's future endeavors :-?
    For those of you who think.. "Why not just move then ? " We are looking to buy a home in the next year's time. We do not want to move twice within such a short time basically is why.