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  • Shedding????????????


    s32.gif OH MY GOD, she is shedding for the first time,(since I got her, anyway), and she is making a total mess in her enclosure. I'm new at this whole thing, but I don't think that it is supposed to look like this. I'm not that concerned about the mess, but I am a bit concerned about the shed. I know that it's supposed to be in one continuous piece of skin, and that is the last thing that this could be described as. It doesn't even look healthy, there's this white film on parts of her cage that I'm not sure of also. If anyone can help, it would be very appreciated??? :-/

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    Re: Shedding????????????

    Well, as far as I know the white film would probably little bits of ripped up skin that she's scraped off. Probably the reason she didn't shed in one piece is that the humidity is too low. Another thing you should probably check her over for is scraps of skin still hanging on, especially on the tip of the tail. That can cause problems...Gently soak her in lukewarm water (and/or) take a damp warm paper towl and let her crawl through it a few times. That works for me with my cornsnake.  


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      Re: Shedding????????????

      Also check to see if the boa went to the bathroom during the shed. This is acutally quite common, the boa will shed part of its skin and defecate at the same time.

      If the shed is in many pieces, see the Instant solutions for common problems section for ideas how to help.
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