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Colombian (c. constrictor), Where Do I Start?

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  • Colombian (c. constrictor), Where Do I Start?

    Hello, I was wondering can I find TRUE Amazon Bason Colombian (constrictor constrictor ?) I've read that they do exist. It's logical that they would exist. For any one that had the chance to read that old black and white booklet on Boa care by De Vosjoli years ago he even states in the book that they exist. I have heard rumors that Terry Vandeveter ( not sure about his last name) had locality collected specimens but I can't get in touch with him. If any of you have any info please shout out. Thanks. Also I am looking for a nice pair of Northern Brazilian Red-Tails any solid leads or good breeders let me know.

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    Re: Colombian (c. constrictor), Where Do I Start?

     I am assuming you mean the true boa's or BCC, I am fairly new to this.. The Guyana and the Surinames are the BCC of the boa family .The pic you see under my names is a pic of a 12mos old male Guyana named Rudy post shed.. they tend to be a little gangly that first year and really fatten up the second.. They tend to get rather large 12 ft for a female is average... So be sure you have the room. A perfect cage would be 8 ft long 3 ft deep and 2 ft high or higher if you have the room for a tree stump or log climb I aint to fond of keeping snakes in cages slightly larger than the snake, if you want a big snake have a big cage.. hehehe
    visit the web page i posted and review the BCC..
      Good Luck
     I have a couple Guyana's if you'ld like to see some at around 18 mos. they are over 6 ft.
    Be sure if your planning to get a boa to read the care sheets
    a few times to  be familar with the animals need for animal husbandry.. most health problems are due to poor cages temps and humidty. BCC can thrive in the BCI environments so the care sheets are useful
      Good Luck and welcome