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  • I'm Back!

    My computer is finally up and running and none to soon. I appear to have some fires to put out. Sorry guys, my first day back from Florida my computer fried and needed some serious work. My brother in law fixed it and now I'm back. Beware because I've been going through computer withdraw and will be here every spare moment I get.
    Some of you may have read a bad guy post about me which I am in the process of correcting. Just for the record the snake in question was not mine and I sold them for a friend as such. I only saw the snake once in the cage before shipping it and therefore was not aware of the problems. I am trying to get the buyers money back. If the person who's been posting about me reads this I would appreciate an apology. If I had known the problem I would not have shipped the snake. The person who owned the snake packed it and brought it to me for shipping because a friend I have at the USPS was going to take care of the shipping for me. I have recieved about 50 phone calls about this and have yet to visit the BOI which is my next stop. Talk to you guys later,

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    Re: I'm Back!

    Hey tc glad you are back!!!!!! just got back myself yesterday :}
    sorry @ that guy