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Party Or Not? Naaaaaa..

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  • Party Or Not? Naaaaaa..

    8)8) Well my oldest has moved out, her and her hubby to be are now on there own.. Wow, should i throw a party, naaaa.. Il just go out back tonight and sit by the bonfire, have a few drinks and some smores and that will work...LOL!!! I love the quiet now, kinda sad shes gone.. :'( But what the heck Cassie gets her bigger room and i get Cassies old room for my office now. Yeehaa! ;D Next thing i know she will be at the door sayin " Mom i need this or that and oh wow mom im in debt and need cash" Geeeeesh.. :-\ : Moms work is never done..

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    Re:Party Or Not? Naaaaaa..

    LOL ;D

    Thats too funny, thats what my sis does always askin to borrow money and says she'll pay my mom back HA HA what a lie always an excuse with her LOL...guess its good for you that you got somthin out of it..


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      Re:Party Or Not? Naaaaaa..

      Trevor, the thing i got out of it was knowing i was a good mom and raised my kids right and did the best i could.. She got a heck of a good carrer in nursing and i hope she sticks with it.. Im glad she didnt grow up the way i did.. wow been few days and she aint called me yet.. Am i worried, naaaa. shes got a good hard working man by her side.. My new office is startin to look good.. hehehehehe!!!! :P ;D


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        Re:Party Or Not? Naaaaaa..

        :'( :'( :'( :'( Stop it! I :'( :'( can't stand :'( :'( when people :'( :'( are :'( :'( sad :'( :'(
        Okay I think I have my emotions under contro :'( :'( :'( oh the heck with :'( :'( :'( it :'( :'( :'( I gotta :'( :'( go :'( :'( blow :'( :'( my nose :'( :'(