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    :'( :'( cwm23.gif This is what the goverment does to our beautiful sate forests, why oh why :'( do they take from such beauty.. JR and i are so mad all the poor wildlife that has no homes no more and when these thousand upon thousands of acres are gone there is no more.. Thats JR standing infront of what use to be beautiful woods.. So far we have found out that all the woods will be completly gone within 2 yrs.. :'( :'( I took so flunky pics with a throw away camera but good enough for me to send to our state govenor and im really gona put up a rant on this one.. This was taken just befour the trees started to leaf out.. Within weeks they had cleared out more than 4 thousand acres.. Im glad its not right close to me but it is about 20 mins away from here.. I wonder where is all the poor wild life gona go now... And they wonder why we have bears in our town, because they push them out of there homes, where they were once safe...This is what i would love to do to them for that.. b24.gif b24.gif b24.gif >

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    Re:Why Oh Why...


    That is sad. its a sad fact that we keep clearing land like this. We always have to learn the hard way. Here is NYS, they had a bounty on Timber Rattle snakes until I believe 1979. Now they are protected. Even the local DEC guy was telling me its less of a fine to shoot a bald eagle then kill one of these snakes. There were over 200,000 snakes killed thanks to the bounty. Now its hard to find them in NY except for a handful of areas. I run into them 2 a year on my property. Never had one try to bite me. I almost stepped on one in my yard and he just turned away and went off on his own.

    Hope you can do something about the rest of the land.. Maybe a sign in sent to the local gov..

    Good Luck