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Ooooops.. Thanks Ed!!

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  • Ooooops.. Thanks Ed!!

    Sorry about that.. :-[ :-[ Thanks Ed.. :-[

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    Re:Virus warnning..

    Hehehe.. thats one of the reasons i dislike Norton...
    The Reptiletopsites will probably set off Norton without even going there, afterall, it does set a 3rd party cookie(tracking type) on your PC even from this forum.

    Scroll to the bottom of the page for the Reptile top sites active tracker banners.


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      Re:Ooooops.. Thanks Ed!!

      ??? Ed, should i get rid of Norton and use something else???


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        Re:Ooooops.. Thanks Ed!!

        No, as long as it is current and you can still get updates etc and don't mind an occassional false alarm (most AV do this) then stay with it.
        Better to have a false alarm now than to have no alarm when the real deal hits ya.
        The current and most issues of PCmag, has some good articles on AV, Spyware etc.
        It's a good place to learn lots of things that cause what and other goodies to stay running.


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          Re:Ooooops.. Thanks Ed!!

          8) Thank You Ed!!! Whats wierd is thats the only one thats done that so far.. Il stick with it for now...It sends me updates .. I greatly appreciate the info..