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  • Just wondering..

    Hey all,

    Just was wondering where everyone keeps their snakes in their house or any other place..

    I keep all my personal snakes in my living room. I like to watch over them when I am on the computer, watching TV or just visiting..

    My Rescues go into a spare room for atleast 2 months. Then they either go up for adoption if they are ready or they become part of my household and get moved into the living room. Well until I change my cage structure to my stackups, don't have much room in the living room left..LOL

    So where do you keep your snakes..?


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    Re:Just wondering..

    Where ever there is room for a cage
    Most of the snakes are kept in our spare bedroom. New snakes are kept on the other end of our townhouse in our master bedroom for a month or two depending on the source of the snake. After the quarantine period they are moved to other parts of the house.


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      Re:Just wondering..

      8) Well my snakes go like this, my pythons are in my master bedroom and most the boas are in the livingroom then my daughter has snakes in her bedroom, one in my office and any new comers quarenteens go to the one end of the house as far away as possible- several rooms away. The boa in my office is under tight watch till it does alot better and puts on alot more weight. IBD is my number one concern and also any RI probs.. Ive seen RI go from one snake to another pretty fast, and snakes commin in with a bad case of mites goes into the bathroom behind closed door and treated, till all is clear. Been doing this housing and quarenteen pratice my way for many yrs with no probs.. Could be just me but ive seen and rescued alot of sick snakes the last few yrs and im not taking any chances when it comes to my babies..... :-\


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        Re:Just wondering..

        Well intell a couple weeks ago I had all of them in a spare room that was dubed the snake room... Now they are in my room where I sleep... It is also dubed the snake room.. hehe...
        Eric aka....Red