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found wild east king today.

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  • found wild east king today.

    HI forum ,
    I went out for a little jog today , and this young lady in front of me was hopping up and down and let out a scream. I went over to see what the comotion was and there was the largest east king I ve seen in VA, trying to sun himself on the sidewalk.. He was about 1,000 yards from a small forest and had slitherd across a grassy 5 acers to wind up on a side walk 5 ft from a road next to a church.
    I assured the young lady it wasn't dangerous and she left. I coaxed him back in to the woods and I hope he stays there..
    He had to be fairly old to be over 5 ft , he was must have just crawled out of his hide trying to warm up.
    The lst eastern king I saw was in bad shape a couple years ago ,, had a run in with a car. :P
    This king snakes is about 2 blocks form my home... he was huge and very grumpy he actually tried to tag me a couple times he moved like greased lightning thru the grass though.. He's a wild animal I hope he stay alive and free. Made my day..