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    Has anyone actually bought anything from this? I was checking it out and there are some really good deals, but wanted to know if anyone has actually purchased anything off of it.

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    8)I havent, but yeah it looks like a really nice auction and maybe there are some real honest dealers sellers on there.. Ive seen some really nice animals go thru there and good deals to...


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      Its seems like a good idea, it could be a good place for the Jesse Underhill types too..
      I am becoming very nervious about buying things on line from anyone I don't know ... Maybe its me I've been ticked off on e-bay more than once. so Buyer-be ware..
      Doug :P
      if you know the seller's reputation from someone you know... it may be a great savings..


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        for all you t people on that reptibid site if you go to invertabrids and then spiders someone is selling a lot of like 5 or 6 differnt ts for i think it said 60 bucks i think.

        ok here is the exact listing the bid is at 60.00 now but it hasnt met the reserve price who knows what that is.

        This auction is for all of the following inverts: Branchypelma Smithi-Mexican Redknee 3.5-4 inch female, Lasiodora Parahybana-Brazilion Salmon Pink 3.5 inch female, Lasiodora Parahybana-Brazilion Salmon Pink 3.75-4 unsexed probaly female, Theraphosa Blondi-Goliath Birdeater 3 inch female, Scolopendra Subsinsnipes-Veitnamese Giant Centipede 8-9 inches!!, Scolopendra Hemiscodra-Texas Tiger Centipede 3-4 inches, 2 Dozen Fake Deaths head roaches half adults and half juvies!!, low reserve, dont let this one pass you by, all are healthy and feeding good, buyer pays for shipping which is 25.00 for next day delivery, happy bidding, auction closes in 7 days.


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          I bid on one thing and he sold it out from under me.. Never did get anything, but wasn't ripped either.. The site sometimes doesn't load for me. No idea why..


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            8)Thats a excellent deal and the roaches are used for feeding T's and the centipedes, The centipedes are pretty easy to care for but you just dont want to get bit by one.. Alot of people like to raise roaches as it saves them some money on feeders for T's and other things, make good prey for frogs and geckos and other lizards to.. LOL!! The brazilian salmon pinks are one of the worlds largest T's and the mexican red knee is well worth it if it is a female.. That collection they have up would normaly run way more than 100 bucks..