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  • Article I Found

    Go here and read an article about some women who supposedly knew what she was doing and got bitten by a 6ft. Boa while feeding it:

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    Re:Article I Found

    Hey Ineedinfo,

    That artical sums it up.. Looks worse then it is.. I would put money on the fact the guy smelled like a rat, I bet he was holding them to put them on the tongs.. The boa was only hungry and went for the warest area that smelled like a rat,,..



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      Re:Article I Found

      I am glad you found that article you've done your homework, when you buy a boa and raise it we tend to become careless the more times we feed and handle the boa's. The boa that bit the woman probably wasn't handled much ,, it also may have been breeding stock females that are used for breeding can be a bit more grumpy from time to time.
      My guess is the snake knew it was feeding day smelled the rat thawing and was extremly hungry. SOme of my snakes know I am holding the rat and aim their biting parts at the offending item and dono't relax until I leave the room. They are not mean they just want me drop that rat and get away from it.. SO get to know your boa get to know its quirks.. BE careful never show off your snake feeding most bitiing accidents occur on feeding days.hehe

      You'll be fine

      Boa's are pretty unpredictable, and I assume they can bite for no reason, and try to protect visitor's from being bit. You could have big problems if one of your little friends is tagged by your boa, your friends parents may press charges and have the animal destroyed...
      Never take your boa out and show him in public places many people are reptile phobic and the site of a snake can make them feel sick and some older peolpe are very fragile.
      Most new boa's owners make mistakes that can have negative effects for all reptile owners.

      best wishes keep posting..