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    i guess this is the right place for this question.if not sorry not sure if it went here or else where..

    do any 1 here have a subscription or read the reptiles magazine ? thumbed threw 1 at petco and wasnt a bad magazine.thought about getting it but didnt know how helpful it is.thanks

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    Re:Reptiles Magazine

    Hey Gun Lover,

    Reptiles mag is not bad. Its not mcuh to deal with snakes. They do an artical here and there on snakes that are worth reading. If your into lizards, its a good rag.. I don't subcribe to it, but will pic it up here and there..



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      Re:Reptiles Magazine

      8) Hey Gun Lover, i think its a good mag.. My kids love reading it and strolling thru the classifieds also it has great pics and lots good info.. They also put out a issue once a yr called Reptiles USA.. 8)


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        Re:Reptiles Magazine

        I have subscribed to Reptiles Magazine for 5 years now..

        I really look forward to every issue. It has a tremendous variety of information on many things that you will run across in this forum.

        While it is not dedicated to any one species, it still brings a lot of general knowledge to each area..

        I recommend it.
        To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

        -Best Regards
        -Clay English
        Founder 1998-2013


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          Re:Reptiles Magazine

          I have a subscription to Reptile Magazine, I love it because I love all reptiles. It has valuable information which I find useful in the care of all of my reptiles. I recommend it to any reptile lover. As stated before, it doesn't pertain to any specific reptile, and it doesn't contain many snake articles in each monthly issue, but it does cover a lot of snake material in its annual issue of Reptiles USA as Barracuda mentioned. - Thumbs up b27.gif



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            Re:Reptiles Magazine

            I like it so much I re-enrolled for two years and saved some money, please don't buy it at the pet store got to the web page and enroll.
            They have some of the best articles about animal husbandry and very important info about diet lights, temps in reptile health and life expectancy of lizards IE Iggies. I ve learned alot, I have two years worth on my desk and sometimes when I am bored I'll re-read an article or post some of the info if its useful.. I ve learned about box turtles and problems with them due to seasonal changes..
            its pretty darn good..
            Doug ;D


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              Re:Reptiles Magazine

              is there a snakes only mag ? i thought about getting reptiles mag.but looking for more of a snake mag.i thought about getting a lizzard.would like to get a budwiser lizzard ( dont remember the real name of the lizz) but i dont have a clue on them.saw 1 at petco and they had it maked " very stressful " ..owell. thanks for yalls input.