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  • PayPal Trouble

    I was just ordering one of Clay's Boas and I started having some trouble with PayPal. After I registered the Credit Card, I needed a member number. It said something about waiting 4 days, but I couldn't really understand it. Do I have to wait four days for it to appear in my E-mail and then verify it on my PayPal account?

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    Re:PayPal Trouble

    If it allows you to sign on to paypal's site with your username and password, you should be able to send funds via a credit card.

    They will allow you to send up to 250.00 initially. Then you must follow the verification process in order to send more. That generally takes the 4 days..

    Always make sure the address says..

    PayPal is the faster, safer way to send and receive money or make an online payment. Get started or create a merchant account to accept payments.

    Anything else is not a secure site.
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      Re:PayPal Trouble

      Well it says it is not letting me use any money until I verify my account with a Member Number that is supposed to be sent on a Credit Card Statement through the mail. It charged me $1.95 to get a Member Number and it won't let me order it until I type in the Member Number cause I have tried three times now. This is what it says on my sending limit: Sending Limit: $0.00


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        Re:PayPal Trouble

        I noticed something that might (I'm not sure if it will or not but it might) have something to do with my sending limit...I wanted to ask before I put it on though. Do you have to tell them your Bank Account in order to send money?


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          Re:PayPal Trouble

          I remember when I first set up my account the prefered payment was based on my checking account and then I had to select another payment method and that was my credit card and I had plenty of credit history.. hehe
          Because you may not have a checking account the paypal may be doing a simple credit check on you for credit history and such.
          Check your e-mail they may have sent you an activation number VIA e-mail to your home ,expecting you to enter your activation number to activate the account..
          My guess is they want a cooling time to check your account..

          My 2 cents,,, Clay will proably hold that boa for you if you ask..
          PS I had trouble reching paypal on the phone they are sort of changing their locations and account I believe e-bay now owns the company..Doug
          Stay loose good things happen with time .. ;D


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            Re:PayPal Trouble

            actually i had to set up a pay pal account to order a boa from clay and that number they want is they put 2 deposit amounts into your checking account or on your credit card and they will not allow you to send money till you type in those amounts at the verification link on the pay pal site. they do that incase somebody tries to use stolen cards or checks. the amounts are always different mine were like .19 cents and like .23 cents or something like that hope that helped a little


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              Re:PayPal Trouble

              That's how it was for me, Redtailedmel. Of course, that was something like three years or so ago. They could've changed it significantly by now...