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  • Central American Boa
    Ok, it's things like the information on this site that gets me confused...

    1st though, this is my boa, Striker.

    I received him from a lovely lady (Sybella) on a trade and I'm THRILLED with him. This is my 1st boa. He's 4' and I named him well. *lol* He's a testy little guy until he's out and about.

    Anyway, she was told he's a central american boa by the guy she got him from. So, to confirm it, I posted on another forum. I received many, many opposite opinions and I became thoroughly confused on the matter. No one had directly answered any of my questions. There were of course many helpful people who attempted to help me! Provided me with some very good information too! ;D

    Let's get my questions out first...

    After consulting different sites. I came to the conclusion that they were saying BCI = Common Boa = Central American Boa and then there are 8 locale subdivisions. BUT then I also saw that Common and Centrals are different, but are both BCIs and why the centrals had no subdivsions, the commons do. So, with all that said, what's what?

    Next, can anyone confirm that he is a central american then? A pure central american. We were told that he is, and I do want to breed him. Then of course an additional question would be does anyone know anyone that breeds central americans?

    I'm sure I'll have more questions and concerns as I get answers...All help is greatly appreciated!!

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    Re:Central American Boa

    Hi Stef,

    Glad you found the forums. I know you will get others comments, but I will stick with what I said in emails. He is a BCI, most likley from Central America. The exact local would be impossible for anyone to guess on without doing a search of exactly where he was gotten and where his blood line was taken from..

    Let see what else anyone can add..



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      Re:Central American Boa

      The picture isn't to good but it does look as if Argentine may me involved in his background by the looks of the tail.
      Just my Op....