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  • Your Own private forum? ? ?

    Have you ever considered having your own forum?

    Ever considered providing a forum for your personal clubs, interests, hobbies, etc etc.

    I have couple of options that you may want to consider.

    Option 1. I can allow you to have a private category on the existing redtailboas forum. So you could have a Serpents Gone Crazy! Category with several boards under that. AND you can chose which members, new or existing, can View your section. All other members would not see it. I would still be responsible for creating the boards under your category, and I would have to add/remove users from your allowed list.

    Option 2. I can create a brand new forum, just for your purposes. Imagine

    Now your Serpents Gone Crazy forum is Yours. You become the administrator, you control the categories, boards, settings etc etc. Basically your own forum.

    There would be a small yearly fee for the space requirements on Option 1, and there would be a one-time setup fee plus the small yearly fee for option 2.

    Should you be interested in something like this, just IM or email me to discuss your options.
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    Re:Your Own private forum? ? ?

    man what an interesting thought this is. my own arboreal forum, hmm......