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Our new Long Haired "Rat" Dog!

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  • Our new Long Haired "Rat" Dog!

    Ok she is about the size of a large rat
    We adopted this crazy little Pomeranian from a local animal control facility yesterday. It is amazing the animals that people will "throw away"

    Well here is our new "rat".......

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    Re:Our new Long Haired "Rat" Dog!

    8)Aawwwww storm, thats to cute.. i just love toy dogs,, thats great you gave it a good home.. sometimes them toy breeds make the best companion and lap dogs..LOL!!! Look at that little cute face aawwwww.. hehehe... ;D


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      Re:Our new Long Haired "Rat" Dog!

      I don't see how someone would want to throw away that type of dog. Those "rats" are pretty expensive. I need to get some pictures of my Siberian Husky. Boy is he growing fast.


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        Re:Our new Long Haired "Rat" Dog!

        one of my hungry BCI escaped and scared the poo out of me I have them long hair rat dogs tooo.
        Geeze- had my reptile door closed.
        I have now reinforced the door to the cage with the smart boa's
        10 mins after I put them back she was pushing on the same spot with her nose...
        I thought them boa's were suposed to be DUMB.. this one learned how to open the door and remembered where to push... ??? ..
        she's a cuti pie dog, I have a couple pound pups too.. mine are good at sleeping and barking at me when I come home from work ,,,,,,,doug


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          Re:Our new Long Haired "Rat" Dog!

          what a cute puppy!!! our neighbors back in houston where i used to live had one they named her furball because she had so much hair lol.

          lol doug we had a snake that would escape every day no matter how we reinforced her cage she was perty smart but she always went to the same spot lol so finding her was pretty easy. she looove to get in the closet of thesnake room heheheh