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  • Reptile Show and Swap

    Saturday Shows & Sunday Shows
    January 4 January 19
    February 1 February 16
    March 1 March 16
    April 5 April 20
    May 3 May 18
    June 7 June 15*
    July 5 July 20
    August 2 August 17
    September 6 September 21
    October 4 October 19
    November 1 November 16
    December 6 December 21
    *Although this date seems early, it is the 3rd Sunday.

    Mary and I will be in Chicago on Aug.2 ,so we are gonna get to that show. The June 7 show ,Barracuda,Evil Karot and my wife and I were there ,we had a great time.
    If anyone would be interested in going,just post here and we can meet someplace and talk herps and critters.

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    Re:Reptile Show and Swap

    8)I would love to go back to that show and hang with yaz Dan but we are waitting and then going to Indiana show in september for my B-day.. Theres supose to be a big breeders expo in october in illinos to so im thinking about going to that one as well.. Hope ya have a real fun time like last time.. let us know what all ya pick up... ;D


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      Re:Reptile Show and Swap

      No prob, Cuda. It just happened that we had to be in Chicago on that day. I would really like to make some of the other good shows. And there is an awesome show coming up in October in St.louis. This is a show we always try to make it to.