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Help my new forums, sponsor my snake forum.

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  • Help my new forums, sponsor my snake forum.

    I know you probally get a couple of these a week with people just saying go here visit this site but I'd like to actually explain what my site is and what my purpose behind it is. If this would be considered spam then I do apologize. If you feel like helping out and joining thank you, if not thank you for taking the time to read it. If you know of anyone else who might be interested in helping me start this site up please send them the link. Local or internet clubs with out a home are more then welcome and I'd be willing to make a special forum for them.

    Hello my name is Morgan Thomas and I own a web hosting company called EDK Hosting Solutions.I have been interested in getting many different pets, most of which are those kept in aquariums. I created this site on sunday due to the fact that I couldn't decide and still can't decide on getting a fish tank, iguana, bearded dragon, or nothing at all this coming fall. I've searched online in google and yahoo looking for online forums devoted to each specific pet but some are hard to find or don't exist. I then came up with the idea of creating an online forum devoted solely to aquarium pets and was born.

    Currently it is in its infant years and was just started last week and has near zero posts. What I ask of you is to sign up and post in your pet forum, let others know about the forums, and help others understand and become more knowledgeable about their animals or animals they wish to own. There is a total of 42 forums on the website ranging from freshwater pets, saltwater pets, lizards, spiders, frogs, rodents and more. is an online community that was created for the purpose of providing accurate and quality information for individuals seeking knowledge about their aquarium pets. Our goal is to provide our visitors with one place where they are able to discuss all aspects of their interests relating to aquariums and pets kept in them. We may have a slow beginning, but with time, and word of mouth, we will become a thriving community of knowledgeable pet owners and individuals interested in getting an aquarium pet.

    I am also looking for moderators for each specific forum. As the site grows I will need people, or knowledgeable pet owners, such as yourself to help with the forum. I encourage you to try out and to contribute to other pet
    owners such as yourself.

    I would like to have it so each forum is sponsored by another specific forum, like it would read Boa Talk- Sponsored by and also put a sticky at the top stating this the only thing I ask of you is to help my new members and also post to start the website going in turn you will get new members as well.

    Morgan Thomas

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    Re:Help my new forums, sponsor my snake forum.

    hummm might have to check that out


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      Re:Help my new forums, sponsor my snake forum.

      wheres the chat page there ? you going to add something like that there ?


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        Re:Help my new forums, sponsor my snake forum.

        i just put the first boa post on there lol



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          Re:Help my new forums, sponsor my snake forum.

          wtg lee lol