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Oct Reptiles Magazine,, best ever

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  • Oct Reptiles Magazine,, best ever

    Hi Forum,
    If you would like to read one of the best articles I ve seen in a magazine about (Common Ailments in Captive Reptiles) its in this month's Oct copy of reptile magazine page 64 . I ordered my subscription VIA telephone this saves me over 50 % on the cost.
    This article is written by two different reptile Vets concerning reptile disease and cause. I cannot copy this article to this page but it has offered me a complete understanding of many common ailments. . From RI to stomatits, to Anorexia, Metabolic bone disease, 250 different species of mites and a real mind blower was the info that many forms of blisters disease may be a by product of secondary bacterial infections from dermal infestations of mites.. Certain vitamin deficiencies can cause changes in the lining of the lungs reducing the production of a beneficial mucous this can results in a re-occurring problems this is very similar to condition that can occur in humans where they don't make a surfactant to clear the lungs., yes you can treat the infection but it may return unless you fix the problems.
    Please if you can beg , borrow and or order this magazine very useful info for herp keepers. and may be useful to DVM"S.


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    Re:Oct Reptiles Magazine,, best ever

    No doubt about it ,Doug. Reptiles magazine is one of the best sources of info that there is. The classifieds are also very usefull for finding breeders and shows. Their website is cool, too.