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Colombus, ohio?

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  • Colombus, ohio?

    Is anyone on here going to the colombus show this month? Me and my boss, Kieth D. are going to be there with our little baby brazilian short tail boas, 'silverback' bolivians and a few normal 4-foot colombains. (Oh, and our 'dot-dash' bolivian, and a 4-foot guyana)

    Just wondering if anyone was gonna be up there!! If you are, look for me, im the only 16yr old girl there with half blonde/half black curly hair lol!! And ill be hanging out with a blonde man wearing a cowboy hat!

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    Re: Colombus, ohio?

    Well how big is the show? I live an hour away and I don't know if it's worth the trip or not?


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      Re: Colombus, ohio?

      Well I've been many many times over several years, but not recently, last time I went was 2 years ago.

      It's comparable in size to the Indianapolis show if you've ever been there.

      Might be around 30 vendors, didn't used to be that many with oddball stuff like motleys, 2 years ago when I went, there weren't even any albino redtails.

      I'd hope it was better now, but I don't make any promises

      I'm like you, I live 100 miles away, so I'm only going if I'm definitely buying something.

      Botar the Tarantula guy used to go there, and RodentPro is normally there, but like I said, haven't been in 2 years...