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    I know the codes for making a webpage refresh itself.

    I know that when I work on my webpage......When I am at work, I usually do not see the updated version unless I hit refresh 3-6 times.

    Does anyone know how to make sure a person gets the most updated version of a page?

    This code would be necessary for pages that have animals for sale and stuff.

    Otherwise I am gonna have to just keep my refreshers on my available page. And we know people like Mario Stinso will cry foul.
    oh wait a is my website....and he is supposedly boycotting me. So why am I worried about what my stalker says.

    anyway your computer saviness will be much appreciated

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    Re:Codes and Scripts

    lol ok im way lost on that whole boycotting thing heheh but i have no clue what the codes are , should be able to do a quick search and find it online somewhere