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    Hello everyone im new to the site and new to Boas in general. Ok so my first order of business(lol). I currently do not have any boas. I have 3 BP's. Im looking into setting up a 40 gallon breeder tank this weekend for a RTB. PLan to only use it for a year or so until it outgrows it. I went to the local petstore i get my feeder mice from and the girl showed me what they are calling a Salmon RTB . Now Ive looked up salmon RTB and most are all salmon color. This one has the salmon color lets say from tip of the tail 6 inches up give or take an inch. They are selling it for $220. My question to everyone is A)do I buy from the pet store. B)Is it a fair price C) If i dont buy from the pet store can anyone reccommend a site/breeder for me to contact to purchase a RTB.
    Its alot for my first post on this site but I trust you all I have heard good things about this site.

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    Re: New To the Site

    Welcome to RTBs. This is an amazing place to find all sorts of information regarding boa care. First order of business, I would highly recommend reading the Ultimate Care Guide. It will save you many a headache in the long run. Secondly, I would not recommend doing business with a local, unknown pet store. I say this not to knock those who run the business, but you would be far better off dealing with a reputable breeder. There are many who are members of this wonderful site, and I'm sure any one of them would be willing to part with one of their animals. Last but not least I would highly recommend checking out Jeff's site for caging. The Boaphile is hands down the industry leader when it comes to safe, affordable housing for our scaled friends. Good luck!

    Here are a few articles that you will find helpful.


    Boaphile Plastics

    Plastic Reptile Cages, Tanks and Racks. Snake, arboreal, lizard and turtle light weight custom flexwatt heated enclosures.


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      Re: New To the Site

      I agree with Charmer, you'd be better off getting a boa from a breeder. That way you will know exactly what you are getting and the price will probably not be outragous like i've seen in many pet stores. And welcome to the forum, this site helped me out a lot when I was doing my research. A lot of cool and helpful people on here.



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        Re: New To the Site


        and yes i would get from a breeded if possable there are many good ones on this site and around

        Boas and Balls - Home

        Clockwork Reptile Company - Home

        Boa Constrictors, The Boaphile, Pastel, Albino, Hypo, Roswell, Sharp, Paradigm, Nova, Pearlescent, Sunglow, Peruvian, Bolivian, Brazilian, Hogg Island Boas.


        and also take a look on you never know what you might find


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          Re: New To the Site

          Welcome aboard!

          I would look into the following people...

          Bryan Cantwell from Got a Hypo from him...BEAUTIFUL!

          Trey Stowell from (site not up yet) I have a Cherry Salmon form him WICKED BEAUTIFUL along with his Normal line.

          Clay English from Clay English Amazing Red Tail Boa Constrictors, All Boas, All the Time! He has a lot of nice stock...i have a Fineline from him.

          If your looking for a Pastel...
          I HIGHLY recommend Tony Hawkins... WICKED INFERNO LINE!

          and of course saving the best for last
          Jeff Ronne Boa Constrictors, The Boaphile, Pastel, Albino, Hypo, Roswell, Sharp, Paradigm, Nova, Pearlescent, Sunglow, Peruvian, Bolivian, Brazilian, Hogg Island Boas. everything and ANYTHING with him!

          Good LUCK and DON'T do the rookie mistake a lot of us did and buy from a STINKIN OVERPRICED PETSTORE!!!

 Where you will find Available Boas to my Magik BBQ Sauce!


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            Re: New To the Site

            I just want to say thank you to everyone. I actually just emailed Bryan from Bryans boas so wish me luck on my first Boa. I really cant wait.


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              Re: New To the Site

              I think everyone else just about covered I will just say welcome.


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                Re: New To the Site

                Welcome to
                I'd actually like to see a picture of that Boa labled as a Salmon Boa
                I'm sure you do not have a picture here is my point though.

                I've heard other people come to this or other forums new to Boas

                They will show there new Boa and say this is my new Salmon boa.

                Low and behold all to often it is not a Salmon boa

                normally what they have are nice normal Colombian type Boas

                Salmon boas and Hypo Boas are a Dominant reproducible trait in boas.

                Salmon and hypo Boas have a reduction in black pigment through out the
                entire pattern ,this also reduces the black rings around the tail blotches

                Here is an example of a true Salmon Boa from

                Here are some Orangetail Hypo Boas same trait different line

                I produced these

                more is the Sun shots

                Here you can see an example of a Hypo Boa and
                a non Hypo but yet colorful Boa

                PD8F & ScarShry2F

                You can see the difference in Hypo & non hypo color
                and look
                PD8F & ScarShry2F



                Lar M
                Boas By Klevitz



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                  Re: New To the Site

                  WELCOME to a great forum,with alot of really awesome people,very knowledgeable,very friendly...good to have ya....Mike


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                    Re: New To the Site

                    Welcome to the site. Pet stores are known for pricing animals at 5 times what they're worth and/or mislabeling animals to get a sale. Stick to a reputable breeder. The Boaphile is a great place to get your first boa, along with the other sites mentioned. Good luck with whatever you end up getting.



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                      Re: New To the Site

                      Hi welcome to the forum! You will have lots of fun here!!