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  • Boas anonymoous

    This thread is for the addicted user! come here to vent about boa-related compulsions!!!

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    Re: Boas anonymoous

    My name is shawn and I am an addict. I have 5 boas currently at my house, 2 more a my best friends house, 2 that are comming my way but need it to warm up to ship them, and almost went in on another one with MSwift. I need help. I am ready for step 1.


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      Re: Boas anonymoous

      My name is John...I have 3 boas, 2 ball pythons, a beardie, and 5 leopard geckos. Ive got 2 more boas on the way when the weather warms far as step 1 not even close to being ready for that one!


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        Re: Boas anonymoous

        good progress people!LMAO


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          Re: Boas anonymoous

          YouTube - No More Snakes?? Politicians At It Again

          My name is josh, and im such a nerd, that my proudest moment in awhile was bhb using my pic in his s373 vid(black shirt)(Min #3:23) i'm a snake nerd and i need help


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            Re: Boas anonymoous

            Well.... I thought about being like Will Smith in Hancock... where he's sitting in group therapy and all he will say is "Pass."

            See, I don't think I have a problem because I have absolutely no problem with adding more and more animals (preferably snakes) to the collection.

            However, I'll go along for support reasons.

            My name is Ben... most call me Bebo... and I am addicted to animals, but my favs will always be my snakes!

            We currently have:

            1.1 Monster Tail Hypo het. Sharp boas
            1.1 normal BCIs
            1.0 normal ball python
            1.0 Western Hognose
            1.0 suprise boa that will be here Tuesday morning
            2.1 corns (three different morphs)
            1.0.3 Sulcata tortoises
            0.0.1 Leopard Gecko
            2.0 Nygerian Dwarf goats
            1.0 Belgian Malinois
            0.1 Bassett hound
            0.0.1 albino water frog
            0.0.1 genuine Oklahoma mud turtle


            5.1 children... yes, they are definately animals... they seem to be more closely related to chimps or spider monkeys than to us.

            Oh yeah... and as I was just reminded.... 0.1 WIFE!

            But... I shall not live in fear... for I do not fear my addiction!

            Thank you all for being my support group.
            "An increase in reptile education can lead to a decrease in reptile discrimination." - Bebo



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              Re: Boas anonymoous

              If I had 6 kids I would look for some help too!

              “God, grant me the serenity
              To accept the things I cannot change,
              The courage to change
              the things I can,
              And the wisdom
              to know the difference”


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                Re: Boas anonymoous

                Hello my name is Tim and this is hard for me to admit so early but yes I am addicted to this sick hobby. With me buying my first snake only 4 months ago and now being on number 15 I think I can say that I am very addicted lol.

                1.0 California king
                3.1 Columbian RTB
                1.0 Central American RTB
                0.1 Columbian Hogg cross
                0.1 Suriname RTB
                1.0 Yellow Belly Ball Python
                0.1 Marble Borneo Blood Python
                0.1 Albino Burmese Python
                1.2 Corns
                0.0.1 Crested Gecko


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                  Re: Boas anonymoous

                  I have an issue an issue of not owning enough boas !!! i need help anyone with boas that i can have call me please PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

                  my name is mike .... some call me mikey others call me boomshakalaka

                  i have
                  1.0 hypo
                  1.0 guyana
                  1.0 suriname
                  1.0 albino het anrey

                  0.1 pastel
                  0.1 guyana x columbo
                  0.1 ghost 66% het bino
                  0.1 salmon 1/8 suri 66% het bino

                  also 1.0 crestie -- guy the gecko
                  0.2 dogs golden x yellow lab x blue heeler and border collie x austrailian shepard

                  0.1 wife
                  and a 0.0.1 baby on the way


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                    Re: Boas anonymoous

                    Is it a bad thing when you don't know exactly how many boas you have?


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                      Re: Boas anonymoous

                      I'm guna have to call dr drew i started on the hard stuff real young, water snakes age 10, I guess i really knew something was wrong when getting bit three times a day wasnt enough, man o geez, but water snakes were just a gateway to the really depraved stuff......gulp.....constrictors...but i havent touched one all day i swear....
                      1.0 gtp biak
                      1.0 snow corn
                      0.1 hypo corn
                      0.1 standard corn
                      0.1 albino corn
                      1.0 tangerine albino honduran milk
                      1.0 hypo boa
                      0.1 hypo boa
                      0.5 normals ball pythons
                      1.0 mojave ball
                      1.0 pastel ball
                      0.1.0 childrens python
                      2.0 bearded dragons
                      1.0 savannah monitor
                      0.1 crested gecko
                      1.0 blue spot timorensis monitor
                      0.1.0 sulcata
                      0.3.0 map turtles
                      1.5 rats
                      600? dubias
                      Thats it i i iiii swear


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                        Re: Boas anonymoous

                        comeon you have to admit it it's step number one


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                          Re: Boas anonymoous

                          My name is Terry and I am a boa addict, I currently have 7 boas, after selling 4

                          I already have plans for at least another 6


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                            Re: Boas anonymoous

                            I haven't been on for a whille but when I saw this I had to speak up!

                            My name is Ashley, I have a problem. I cant stop buying reptiles in general.. I have 128 Snakes 17 Bearded Dragons 10 Panther Chameleons 25 Cresteds.... may I go on? LoL I have 3 boas on the way this tuesday... I really would like to get started on step 1... but I just dont think I can do it ! Can anyone help me??


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                              Re: Boas anonymoous

                              My name is Zach and i have 1 boa, and another 1 coming my way! I will hopefully get more. o yah im an addict!