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increase in censored profanity

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  • increase in censored profanity

    hey all,

    i just want to throw this out there as a reminder that the TOS prohibits swearing of ANY kind. this includes censored swearing (i.e. substituting asterisks (*) for letters within a swear word).

    another mod and i were talking about how we've noticed an increase in this lately, both in posts and chatbox.

    we do appreciate that you're not using the word itself, but just keep in mind that profanity is prohibited, even when censored.

    the TOS states: "Profanity may not be used in any form or insinuated. You may not use characters to suggest profanity such as a$$. *This is a direct violation of the forum agreement. *Use of Profanity in any form is a One Strike and Your Out. *No Warnings."

    so please keep this in mind!