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Do not release your CB snakes into the wild

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  • Do not release your CB snakes into the wild

    I'm posting this because of all these letters and phone calls I made about s373, and formerly HR669. I'm NOT about to let all the hours of work I've spent go to waste because some big shot corn snake breeder wants to release his animals into the wild. I'm standing up for what I think is right or wrong. I'm tired of my animals that I work hard on trying to be made illegal, and now this LARGE SCALE BREEDER is just going to do something irresponsible like this.

    Back story:

    This person (who was once a big time breeder and looked to by many, including yours truly) is retiring, sold off all the stock he could and is not releasing what animals didn't sell onto his property in Flordia...

    Yes they are corn snakes and are already native to Flordia, but releasing captive born animals is illegal. If the HSUS finds out about this, it will only add fuel the fire. Just think about Bill Nelson trying to ban corn snakes. Releasing morphs into the wild could have dire consequences on the native population of corn snakes and worse Eastern indigo snakes.

    Sources: (owned by aforementioned breeder)

    CornSnake in the wild.... - Forums

    Bush League Breeder's Club (where I first learned about it)

    I also here there's a thread on Fauna (also owned by aforementioned breeder).

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    Re: Do not release your CB snakes into the wild

    Will a few corn snakes really affect the environment?


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      Re: Do not release your CB snakes into the wild

      Just to play devils advocate:

      Rick Z lives in Corn Snake territory. I am not sure if it is illegal or not to release captive born Corns in Corn country. I suspect it is not. Other than telling people he is doing it, which I think is a bad idea regardless, nobody would ever know since there are lots of Corns all over the place down there anyhow.

      I see the principle of this being a problem, but otherwise, I wonder if it's illegal. Rich did post that he has done this forever by the way.

      By the way, this is not my opinion. I am just thinking out loud as the devils advocate...


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        Re: Do not release your CB snakes into the wild

        So in a few years...someone posts up on a forum...."What is this? I found this snake in my back yard and have never seen one like it before...any ideas?" Then we will ask....where do you live? It must be a bloodred (amel, butter....) cornsnake from so and sos collection that he released several years ago.......

        Photo credit:Eddie Ard .....Banner Credit:Big PaPa Ernest


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          Re: Do not release your CB snakes into the wild

          I've pondered this question before several times, what if you are breeding a snake that is common to the area you live and endangered in the wild? What would be the harm in releasing a portion of what you produce in an attempt of reintroducing them and strengthening the local population? One example would be with the indigo snakes. I would see nothing wrong with this in any way. Corn snakes although bred regularly in captivity are running out of natural habitats and maybe it wouldn't hurt to put a few back if you were a big time breeder. I personally wouldn't see anything wrong with this, but I would probably just stick to reintroducing the wild type appearing animals. I know it is illegal in certain states but there has to be a way around it if you are re-establishing a natural population, some zoos do this all the time.


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            Re: Do not release your CB snakes into the wild

            This certainly sounds like something , there would be a law against doing

            Do these Corn snake Morphs occur in the wild ?

            Does he know for certain his population is disease free.

            Are there not certain types of Corn snakes that only reside in certain areas of the country,

            thus releasing a non native would disrupt that native population ?

            Lar M
            Boas By Klevitz



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              Re: Do not release your CB snakes into the wild

              "Actually no. I tend to release anything that is not doing well in captivity, or perhaps just has some minor kinks that don't make it a candidate for the freezer. That is a benefit of living within the natural range of the corn snake.

              Quite honestly, come January when everything has to be out of here, anything that has not been sold will probably just be released. Since I have killed off the mouse colony, there won't be many other options at that point when they need to come out of brumation."

              This is un-acceptable. PERIOD..... Just wait till the ani reptile whacko's get a hold of this. The fight we all are trying to fight is because of this attitude. This guy is doing way more harm than good. We all have been putting up the fight or 373 and this one person will ruin it all. If my life, family and house depended on this bill passing or not, this guy would be on my list. what a poor decision.......Wow we can just release all our captive breed and kept animals in the wild if we cannot get good homes for them. No wonder this bill is here.