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    Lately i have been just browsing thru you tube just watching people and there snakes of many different breeds. I notice that so many people with big African rock pythons and all reticulated pythons or Burmese pythons, i can really see the fear in how people handle there snake when making a video. Now i do indeed see a lot of awesome enclosures. But the way they are handling there snake its like they`re scared they may get bitten or they are just kinda scared while handling them in general. Now i have 2 retics & a Burmese python myself but i am very comfortable handling them even if my are now as big as many people who post videos on you tube. But to see how scared they are is just crazy because you can see the fear and hear the pausing in there breathe while they talking thru the video. Now we all know how active pythons are and love to be on the go when outside there enclosure. In my opinion i think many many many people are not ready for a big or huge snakes of any kind. I know that people say have caution when handling snakes but most people caution is fear while holding the snakes. But i believe that if you are good the your snake your snake will be good to you and that go`s with any animal.

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    You are very right unfortunately. There are a ton of people out there that are in way over their heads when it comes to the larger snakes. I often wonder what happens to all of these giant snakes being produced. There are a ton being produced every year and to think how many people are prepared to have one, it seems unlikely that the numbers would match up.


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      Re: Random Thought

      Yeah, they can sense your fear and will react accordingly. I worked with horses my entire life and know that I need to be in the right frame of mind or they will know, sense it and react. I think snakes are the same.

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