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  • Leg sleeve.....

    I posted weekly updates for this on facebook and figured I would post it up here as well. This is about 50 hours so far and there should be about 6 or so left. The initial part took 2nd place at the Mighty Warship Olympia tattoo convention for extra large color (when only the hip was done). Fun to do but blue ink can be extremely difficult to work it is.

    first part (that won the award)

    lower outer leg

    Lower inner leg

    overall look

    displaying the awards (She also has a foot piece that I did on her that took first place small black and grey at the same show)

    working on the upper, inner thigh now to complete the sleeve...difficult to get "tasteful" pix of that

    Thanks again for looking.

    This lady is early 50's in age by the way......never too old to start getting good work!

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    Re: Leg sleeve.....

    That is AMAZING! Great work! Thanx for sharing!

    -Sean in NoCal
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      Re: Leg sleeve.....

      Wow that artwork looks amazing. I am usually not a fan of the larger pieces because many look way to busy for my taste. This one doesn't though. I love that it is done predominantly in blue.


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        Re: Leg sleeve.....

        Wow, crazy bad A-S tattoo!


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          Re: Leg sleeve.....

          WOW...beautiful blues Ken!

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            Re: Leg sleeve.....

            Beautiful work... absolutely gorgeous!
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              Re: Leg sleeve.....

              thats amazing next time im on the east coast ill have to hit you up lol