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Custom reptile artwork!

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  • Custom reptile artwork!

    Hey folks!

    I've currently got an Indiegogo campaign running with two weeks left to go. I'm raising money to move myself and my snakes back to Minnesota to help my mom battle cancer.

    I have a variety of perk levels that include custom wildlife and fantasy art and pet portraits. Want an art piece of your favorite boa, or maybe a portrait of your beloved dog to remember him by? Or maybe you'd like an epic dragon defending a hoard of treasure? Or a wicked looking cobra slithering out of a skull (yeah it's cliche, but fun!). I can draw/paint all of this and more!

    Please check out the campaign for more information here:

    The attached image is an example of a $20 realistic digital sketch. The more you contribute, the more detailed the piece! Other levels are done traditionally and you get the original art mailed to your door. Help me create a portfolio I can be proud of!

    If you can't contribute, please pass the word on to others who might be interested. I appreciate the support an would love to draw something cool for you!

    I also have a few boas left for sale, including Type II anery and hypo Sonoran pos het leopards. Feel free to email with any questions! [email protected]

    Thanks for looking!

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    Re: Custom reptile artwork!

    Great drawing and good luck with your endeavor.