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Rampage is UN-retired

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  • Rampage is UN-retired

    Rampage has announced that he will return to UFC and fight Evans.

    Rampage Jackson: "I'm going to come back to the UFC"

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    Re: Rampage is UN-retired

    Rampage is such a punk, I hope Evans finishes him in the first round.
    "It is not my responsibility to live up to other people's perceptions of who I am. I am only responsible for living up to the standards I set for myself, to be the person I want to be."


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      Re: Rampage is UN-retired

      We'll see. I'm not sure you can believe what Rampage says in a blog but it I would rather see him just fade away. I still have NO respect for him as a fan AND as a man. If Rashad and Rampage fight I don't want to see a knockout. I wanna see Rashad tap him out. I want Rampage to quit AGAIN and then just go away.

      Man, that TUF 10 finale was CRAZY though. How about Kimbo! Yeah, I don't know what kind of future he really has in MMA but dang if I don't like to watch him bang. Knowing what he's been through, the life he had and to watch him now is nothing short of AMAZING. He is the epitome of the American dream. Never underestimate desire and perseverance.

      I gotta give respect to Daryl "titties" Schoonover. He fought hard and showed plenty of heart and now he's off to defend our country in Afghanistan. I was hoping for a victory but either way he came to fight and pretty soon he will be in a REAL fight. One in which MOST of us including McSweeney is unwilling to be in.


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        Re: Rampage is UN-retired

        This is just what Rampage does he always plays some stupid card. He was similar in PRIDE after losing to wandy x2 and shogun. After his Yon dong sick fight he was pretty much retired too (till WFA came along). Rampage is good but not good enough to talk the crap he does (but he has done this since his KOTC days)

        As for Kimbo in the finale, well, what about that freaking slam he did? You don't see that often even from the Judo guys. I thought he might of broke a neck and definitly didn't see that coming.

        Other than the millions of commericals the finale was pretty good. I was sad to see Big Baby lose, and not only because I like him a lot but because of Matts attitude on the whole show. I don't think he deserved a win. He might have heavy hands but his heart is lacking.

        I also liked Daryl and was hoping for a win.