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  • My picks...

    from now until Super Bowl XLIV.

    Cowboys over Vikes, Ravens over Colts but not by much, Chargers taking care of the Jets, and the Saints just barely taking out the Cardinals.

    The Colts/Ravens game will be close. The ONLY reason I didnt go with Manning on this one is because the starters havent played much recently but Manning is a REAL football player and I dont know how long the Ravens can hold him down. It will definately be a game to watch.

    After that I have the Cowboys and Chargers in the Super Bowl. Cowboys victorious!
    Well....I can hope cant I.

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    Re: My picks...

    While I agree with most of what you said--to the ending....Pshaw! Saints and the Colts in the Super Bowl and the Saints will be victorious!!!!!!

    Black & Gold Forever !!!!!

    Geaux Saints !!!

    Photo credit:Eddie Ard .....Banner Credit:Big PaPa Ernest