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  • Jesse Underhill/JJsReptiles/Jon Larson etc

    Blacklist - Jesse Underhill / Awesomeboas / JJsReptiles / Jon Larson

    As many of you are aware, Jesse Underhill, has tried several times to blend in with our forum group, and then shortly thereafter, try to sell snakes that he did not have, or snakes that were completely misrepresented.

    I strongly urge you to have no dealings with Jesse.  

    He has recently re-appeared as Jon Larson here on this website.

    I am not, nor was I ever, a reference for Jesse.  

    As many of you know the BOI has crashed and burned.  Sooo the links that I had listed in this thread are no longer valid and I  removed them.  If anyone has information to new posts on the BOI please let me know so I can add the proper links.

    I have started a webpage dedicated to the history of his escapades.

    Visit Bob Clarks forum on Jesse

    Visit Faunaclassifieds Board of Inquiry

    "Jesse, Jesse  Go Away.  Do not come back Any Day!"
    To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

    -Best Regards
    -Clay English
    Founder 1998-2013

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    Re: Jesse Underhill/JJsReptiles etc

        And to think, I gave that guy sympathy for getting all of his fake collection stolen.  I dont know about everyone else but I feel like an a$$. I know there is no way I could have known that he was a fraud without doing some research but I still feel used.
         If this guy is checking these messages...You better hope you never mess with me, or anything connected to, me buddy!!  I dont mess around with fecal matter like you (JESSE) when it comes to matters like this
        Sorry guys I just get a little crazy when I get mad, especially when someone is lying.
                                               A very mad > >
                                                     Ryan Reza
    P.S.  I am glad I sensored myself, I saved clay some time in doing it for me.  Plus I know there are younger people on this forum.


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      Re: Jesse Underhill/JJsReptiles etc

      Yes it is the same guy. Those of you that are my life long charter members will remember my "original" forum, and there was a guy from, trying to sell hets on my site, and if you remember, I was demanding proof of his albino adult. He could never prove he had an albino adult, and STILL to this day has not proven that simple fact. Well this is the same person. Who will he re-invent himself to be next?

      It is important for each of you to research the above links into the board of inquiry. There is the PROOF that this guy is out to take advantage of people looking for herps of several kinds.

      This post is here because Jesse attempts to use me as a reference by proxy, just because he tries to be a member here and that in itself leads people to believe I "agree" with whatever he posts.

      Jesse, JJ, Awesomeboas, JJsReptiles....etc etc. We will be watching you!

      To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

      -Best Regards
      -Clay English
      Founder 1998-2013


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        Re: Jesse Underhill/JJsReptiles etc

        I love it when these guys make the noose
        all I have to do is put it around their necks.
        I will post a little bit more later.
        there is just so much stuff with this is unbelieveable
        But he is pretty much cooked so he can simmer in the back burner.

        right now I have another dish that I am cooking.... I will post details about this guy later on as well

        I love the smell of fried bad guys.

        Ritchie Luna


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          Re: Jesse Underhill/JJsReptiles etc

          he is a little smarter than Jesse.
          this one is a hand full.
          But everything is printed and out in the open.
          But I will not post his details until everything is confirmed

          Ritchie Luna


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            Re: Jesse Underhill/JJsReptiles etc

            Jesse had these pictures on his web site and claimed they were photos of his own racks:

            The only problem is they are MY racks shown in one of my videos that Jesse purchased from me. Jesse took photographs of my racks on his TV screen using his camera. A web cam camera. you can tell by the fantastic quality of the photographs. Anyhow Jesse got wind that I was involved again with a person he was in the process of ripping off and removed this page for his site just days before I found it. I would watch out for anyone selling something that is het for anything, if his grammar is not beyond the second grade, it could very well be Jesse.

            This is a page I have set up on my site that I copied right from Jesse's site. See for yourself.




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              Re: Jesse Underhill/JJsReptiles etc

              I like how the second pic. has those red/green T.V. lines on it.  I dont see how he thought he could get away with that.

              Ryan Reza


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                Re: Jesse Underhill/JJsReptiles etc

                That really takes alot of nads to do something like that. Especially on the internet where Boa people looking for more Boas in most cases have been to Jeff's site. How did he imagine he would get away with that? cwm23.gif

                Tom Hill


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                  Re: Jesse Underhill/JJsReptiles etc

                  Gotta keep an eye on all the classifieds.
                  Jesse Underhill / JJs Reptiles inc/ Awesome Boas will surely be back someday.
                  These people Just don't go away.  I bet he is in the middle of cooking up a scheme.
                  he will either be selling 100% het for albino surinams or 100% het for albino surinam x colombian.   After all he claims to have the third ablino surinam..... and he can't even refund a couple hundred dollars from the people he ripped off.  Oh not to mention that we have not found a third one to this date.

                  Ritchie Luna


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                    Re: Jesse Underhill/JJsReptiles etc

                    No more website for went bye bye

                    Here is a copy of an e-mail.

                    Hello Ritchie,

                    The member and/or site you reported to the Terra-Lycos Abuse Team has been removed from our servers.
                    I wanted to clarify that the creator of the page is in no way directly associated with Tripod, Angelfire, or the Lycos Network. Neither Tripod nor Angelfire exercise any editorial control over what our members place
                    on their pages nor their other Internet related activities.
                    To report any further violations, feel free to visit
                    I hope you will find that our prompt response addresses your concerns.
                    If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate
                    to contact us.



                    Terra Lycos Network Abuse Specialist

                    Original Message Follows:

                    Name: Ritchie Luna
                    Address: [email protected]
                    Subject: Tripod
                    Type of Abuse: Copyright Infringement
                    Service: Report Abuse
                    Previous_Page =
                    Browser & Platform = Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98;
                    IP information =
                    Date/Time: 1/14/2002 13:22

                    I will List his abuses
                    1. Conduct and defemation -- He uses his website
                    to sell animals that are not represented
                    proberly. He misrepresents them. He will give
                    you references of big breeders who have never
                    even heard of him. (these references somehow do
                    not appear on his references page)

                    2. Fraud -- Same reason as reasons for 1.

                    3. Copyright infringment. He is passing around
                    pictures of animals he says are his....but a lot
                    of people in the reptile community knows they
                    belong to someone else. He also has some
                    pictures on his website that DO NOT belong to

                    Ever since a whole bunch of us caught him.....he
                    claimed to have his animals stolen. Nevertheless
                    we all know he never had them in the first place.

                    I will enclose links of our exposure. Please
                    investigate him further

                    His Name is Jesse Underhil otherwise known as
                    JJs Reptiles inc. (which by the way he is posing
                    as an incorporated company) and he is also known
                    as a company called Awesomeboas.

                    JJ's Reptiles.INC
                    1105 4th ave NW
                    Austin,MN 55912

                    Link 1
                    Classifieds and discussion forum on all classes of animals. Board of Inquiry forum.

                    Link 2
                    Classifieds and discussion forum on all classes of animals. Board of Inquiry forum.


                    I only included two links. There are a couple
                    more. But the two I included definately shows
                    him stealing pictures and claiming them as his

                    He is selling grossly misrepresented animals.
                    He is infringing on a couple peoples copyrights.
                    and he is doing it all on a Tripod website. I am
                    sure tripod will not want anything to do with him.

                    Ritchie Luna


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                      Re: Jesse Underhill/JJsReptiles/Jon Larson etc

                      STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY > > > >

                      Ritchie Luna


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                        Re: Jesse Underhill/JJsReptiles/Jon Larson etc

                        Could Jesse be back already??

                        Check out the post on the Board of Inquiry for Tony Kahmjoi. Read it all.

                        To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

                        -Best Regards
                        -Clay English
                        Founder 1998-2013


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                          Re:Jesse Underhill/JJsReptiles/Jon Larson etc

                          huh.One funny lookin dude
                          Needs to be bit real hard by a


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                            Re:Jesse Underhill/JJsReptiles/Jon Larson etc

                            wow this guy is a major loser thanks for the tip clay


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                              Re:Jesse Underhill/JJsReptiles/Jon Larson etc

                              Hmmm. I wonder how you went about getting his license Ritchie and what you did with the remains afterwards Has anything come about from this guy in the last couple years? I'll be on the lookout.

                              People don't call me Killer Ken for any particular reason. LMAO

                              Killer Ken