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HELP!!...Going Back a Page????...IDK...

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  • HELP!!...Going Back a Page????...IDK...

    Ok, idk if it's this site or my computer. Every time I am in a post and click the next page, it go to it then brings me back to the 1st page...Why does it do that?...I don't have that problem with the other sites setup like this...

    Any ideas?

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    Re: HELP!!...Going Back a Page????...IDK...

    Some ofnthe fourms/sub forums here at RTB have the original post (1st post) on every page. Don't get confused just scroll down a bit and u will see your on the next page.


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      Re: HELP!!...Going Back a Page????...IDK...

      I understand that part, its just when I try to continue to the 2nd page, it'll bring me back to the original page, with me doing


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        Re: HELP!!...Going Back a Page????...IDK...

        Your not alone.....That has been driving me NUTS for the last couple months. It does that on both my work and home computer.

        On the main forum page, I can click page, 2/3/4, whatever, and it takes me to that page and stays.

        But when I want to read a post, and want to go to page 2 or above, the computer will load that page, and a few seconds later, re-direct back to page 1. This is in hybrid mode, under "Display Modes" the one I perfer to use.

        Linear mode - hate it - every thing comes out upside down and but I can click on individual pages and it will go to that page and stay.

        Thredead Mode - hate it - shows one post at a time...hate it

        You Loveable Computer Geeks, please help us!!!!


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          Re: HELP!!...Going Back a Page????...IDK...

          Okay folks help me with more information here please

          Computer OS (windows xp, windows 7, MAC OS 10 etc)

          Browser (Firefox- internet explorer 6, 7 or 8 - Safari 3 or 4 or a different browser)

          I do not experience this on MAC or PC (but I do not use internet explorer at all)
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            Re: HELP!!...Going Back a Page????...IDK...

            Clay, I know you asked me for this before, and I never got back to you.

            OS- Windows xp, SP 2
            Browser- Explorer, (in properties it just says Internet Explorer, no version given.????)

            OS-Windows Vista
            Browser- Explorer 7 (Home computer did this before and after upgrade to 7)