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Not exactly new, but it's been a while....

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  • Not exactly new, but it's been a while....

    I'm back! It's been a year and a half since my last login. Sad, but true. Sure has changed around here. Love what you've done with the place Clay and all those other dedicated folks behind the scenes. Just wanted to say hello to those of you who may remember me, and introduce myself to those I haven't met. Unfortunately due to a few life changing events over the past 18 months I no longer have any of my babies. However, now that I've settled down I'm itching to get back into the hobby. This time I'm going to take my time getting the animals that I've always wanted instead of rushing into it like the last time. Live and learn right? Well enough rambling, looking forward to seeing what the new RTB site has in store.

    Best Regards,