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Welcome to a Brand New Member - H_Moss2

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  • Welcome to a Brand New Member - H_Moss2

    Hi H_Moss2, welcome to the forums! We hope you find a home here and settle in for a while!

    As owner of I wish to personally welcome you to our community.

    Boa care is the primary reason people join this forum and here is the absolute best place to start

    Click on the following link in order to view or download the Ultimate Boa Constrictor Care Guide.

    General Care of Boa Constrictors

    And again Welcome to the Forums!
    To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

    -Best Regards
    -Clay English
    Founder 1998-2013

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    Re: Welcome to a Brand New Member - H_Moss2

    Hello all, I am kind of a new-old member. My last visit was in December of 97 I believe. Wow... where have I been...we will just leave it at "around" My username was H_Moss without the 2. I am having troudle with my password. I hope to get back to my old username and just delete this one.Anyway I have 3 boas, 2 of which I bought from Clay, 1 is a female 100% Het for Albino and the other is a male High orange and right after a shed is Very High orange , beautiful boa.Those two are both working on about 4 feet. My other which I purchased from Mark Miller is a female Pastel Salmon which has got to be working on about 8' now.She is huge. All of which are feeding on frozen/thawed. I am looking forward to getting back active with the RTB family and thanks for the welcome Clay

    Take care,