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  • We have a Brand New Member - carr65

    carr65! Thank you for joining and we hope you find a home here and settle in for a while!

    As owner of I wish to personally welcome you to our community.

    Boa care is the primary reason people join this forum and here is the absolute best place to start

    Click on the following link in order to view or download the Ultimate Boa Constrictor Care Guide.

    General Care of Boa Constrictors

    And again Welcome to the Forums!
    To gain knowledge is good, but to share knowledge is wise

    -Best Regards
    -Clay English
    Founder 1998-2013

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    Re: We have a Brand New Member - carr65

    thanks for welcoming me . well i'm telling everybody i know that keeps boas and pythons ,and other snakes to e mail fax ,call ,send letters to put a stop on the s373 bill . this bill will bankrupt not only the breeders but the supply companies and the pet industry as well. this ban is just the begining of what is next to be banned examples,keeping fish,small animals ,birds,turtles,etc.... i keep boas,pythons monitors,bearded dragons ,even african chilids and i do not want to have my animals taken away because of people who do not know how to properly cage,handle or care for the boas and pythons they keep and abuse . eveyone that reads this post must be aware of the fact that not only can't you buy snakes from breeders that are not in your home state but that you are keeping banned snakes and in violation of the law with this bill .I see that the senator who was supposed to be fair about this with usark turned out to be an outright turncoat and liar .well the senate is in for a real fight again like they had in the 1980's when the senate was tring to ban heavy metal music saying it was telling kids to kill ,worship the devil and of coarse the sex issues they lost then and they will loose now . we have just begon to fight.