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  • AuCaDoUSA
    Re: Welcome to a Brand New Member - AuCaDoUSA

    WoW Thanks !!

    I bought myself a Christmas present a female baby Boa. I think she is just darling. Quite spoiled already.

    I've never owned a Boa before this, but I did have a Ball Python for years growing up.
    I named my new baby Boa "Eve". I just can't get over her personality and smarts. Amazing.

    I have no idea what exactly she is with all this boa bloodline hype on these forums I read ... but I think she is pretty cool. I'll have to take some pictures of her and post them here .. maybe someone can tell me something about her. She was born in June 2009.

    Anyhow, nice forum you have here, lots of info. Thanks.

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  • ClayEnglish
    started a topic Welcome to a Brand New Member - AuCaDoUSA

    Welcome to a Brand New Member - AuCaDoUSA

    Glad you could find us AuCaDoUSA! We hope you find a home here and settle in for a while!

    As owner of I wish to personally welcome you to our community.

    Boa care is the primary reason people join this forum and here is the absolute best place to start

    Click on the following link in order to view or download the Ultimate Boa Constrictor Care Guide.

    General Care of Boa Constrictors

    And again Welcome to the Forums!